Sebastopol Sound History

The collective history of Sebastopol Sound goes back to American jazz, classical music of all ages, and ethic music even older in origin. The playing of and later recording of these styles has been a passion for many years.

Live band recording and other experience at Hollywood studios such as Sunset Sound and Laribee, combined with work at clubs on the Sunset Strip, contributed to the mix and lead to composing and recording a number of film sound tracks.

Time-out was called to join the 28th U.S. Army Band, at which much music was observed of, and shared with, players coming out of the Buddy Rich Band, Wayne Newton Band, and other such West Coast jazz and rock bands.

Four track reel-to-reel tape recorders lead to studio recorders at the University of California while earning a music composition degree. Playing in various jazz and swing bands, the local symphony, and a Middle-Eastern ethnic group, continued. Some mastery of original Moog synthesizers came along about that time too.

Moving back to Northern California paved the way for experience in the multimedia game industry, playing in yet more music groups, and other music and sound work in San Francisco and here in Sonoma County.

If you are still keeping score, I'll mention that interleaved with all the above was a 30 year career in computer hardware and software design, at Hughes Aircraft Santa Barbara Research, Malibu Research Labs, and other computer firms in Northern California. A decade-plus in the multimedia game industry helped focus on what not to do in a modern society, but sure was fun!