Sebastopol Sound

We specialize in recording individual singers and/or instrumentalists, plus small and medium ensembles including jazz, latin, classical, ethnic and rock. We have two adjacent live rooms, a control room, and various instruments on site including 6' grand piano, vibraphone, three drum kits, upright bass, electric basses, electric and acoustic guitars and more.

Our main console is the latest from Rupert Neve, an analog 5088 with impeccable sonics, capable of 24 channels at mix down. All conversion is through Lavry Blue. Preamps include Neve, Millennia Media, API, Stellavox and more. Monitor speakers include the latest Genelec 8351 and Yamaha 10M. Sonic enhancements include a Bricasti M7. Mastering grade gear include a Manley Massive Passive eq and Rupert Neve Master Buss II compressor.

The studio also features a mic cabinet with condenser, ribbon and dynamic mics from Neumann, Schoeps, DPA, Sennheiser, Beyer, AKG, Rode, Studer, Shure, Oktava, AT.

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