Sebastopol Sound

We specialize in recording jazz, classical and ethnic groups. To that end we have collected recording instruments (microphones, preamp, console) and musical instruments (piano, vibes, brass and woodwinds, electric and acoustic guitars and keyboards, drums and other percussion) that complement each genre.

The studio features a mic cabinet with many standard condenser, ribbon and dynamic mics from Neumann, Schoeps, DPA, Sennheiser, Blue, Oktava, Beyer, AKG, Rode, Studer, Shure.

Our main desk is Rupert Neve's latest, the 5088, loaded with Portico 5052 and 5032 Preamps, EQ and Compression. Outboard preamps include Amek 9098i, Stellavox, Midas and others. Converters include Lavry Blue (16 channels) and Apogee. Hardware reverb includes Bricasti M7, TC Electronics M3000, Lexicon PCM81.

Macintosh and PC based software include Cubase 10, Nuendo 8 and ProTools 12. Monitoring speakers include the latest Genelec 8351a 3-way networked speakers, Tannoy Gold, Yamaha NS-10, Auratone 5-C.

We feature a Rupert Neve Master Buss II Processor and other hardware and software tools for mastering

And if you don't bring your own — or just want to experiment — our collection of music instruments include the DW endorsement drum set made for, owned and played by Joe Morello, a beautiful 7' grand piano plus other keyboards, a wonderful Marimba One vibraphone, an upright bass, classic Fender Jazz and Precision style bass instruments, jazz archtop and solid guitars, as well as quality woodwind and brass instruments, and various ethnic percussion instruments.

See HISTORY for more information.